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The China-Egypt 2020 International Ophthalmological Forum (Virtual) was successfully held online


The China-Egypt 2020 International Ophthalmological Forum(IOF) (Virtual) was successfully held on September 2, 2020 in Shenzhen, China /Cairo, Mansoura, Alexandria, Egypt. IOF is hosted by the Shenzhen Medical Association and co-hosted by the Shenzhen Eye Hospital, China. It has received strong support from the Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology Asia Office (AACO-AO) and the Egyptian Ophthalmology Society (EOS). At the IOF, 8 professors from China and Egypt gave presentations in various fields of ophthalmology, including glaucoma, corneal diseases, retinal diseases, strabismus, and the application of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology. They conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges. Dr. Pisong Yan (Executive Director of AACO-AO) also attended the forum. 


                                                              Figure 1: Poster of China-Egypt 2020 International Ophthalmological Forum (Virtual)
At the forum, Professor Lezheng Wu (President of AACO) gave an opening speech for the forum and reviewed the wonderful academic exchange moments of AACO through a video, which inspired the participants. AACO has always been committed to the promotion and development of ophthalmology exchanges in African and Asian countries. Then, Prof. Shaochong Zhang (President of Shenzhen Eye Hospital) gave a speech to congratulate the China-Egypt 2020 International Ophthalmological Forum.


   Figure 2: Prof. Lezheng Wu ( President of AACO ) gave a speech at the forum       

In the academic session, Prof. Haotian Lin from Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University and Prof. Guoming Zhang from Shenzhen Eye Hospital, China introduced the application of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis of anterior segment diseases and retinopathy of prematurity respectively; Prof. Abu Samra from Mansoura University, Egypt shared the progress of corneal cross-linking technology, and Prof. Jiantao Wang from Shenzhen Eye Hospital, China introduced the research progress of visual prostheses. Prof. T Mokbel from Mansoura University, Prof. M Mourad from Ain Shams University, Egypt, Prof. Weiqing Lin from the University of Hong Kong, China, and Prof. D Shawky, Alexandria University, Egypt shared wonderful knowledge of primary angle-closure glaucoma, acanthamoeba keratitis, juvenile retinoschisis and vertical ocular deviation respectively.


Figure 3: Ophthalmologists lively communication online 
This China-Egypt 2020 International Ophthalmological Forum was proposed by Prof. Guoming Zhang (Vice-Director of Shenzhen Eye Hospital, China) and was strongly supported and promoted by Prof. Lezheng Wu, President of AACO. The rich academic content shared by experts from China and Egypt attracted people both from China and other countries. There were 3405 visitors that day. The success of the forum has been highly recognized by ophthalmologists in China and Egypt. After the forum, Prof. Mokbel, the Vice-President of AACO and Prof. Shawky and Prof. Mourad, the Presidents of EOS, sent congratulatory emails, and highly praised the achievements of AACO for promoting the ophthalmology academic exchanges between China and Egypt, and sincerely hope to keep this friendship forever. Prof. Lezheng Wu also sent a message to Shenzhen Eye Hospital, China hoping to continue to cherish friendship with Egyptian ophthalmologists, inherit AACO fine traditions, and make more contributions to the eye health of the people of the world. Enclosed video of the China-Egypt 2020 International Ophthalmoloical Forum (IOF) (Virtual). 

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