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AACO Organization

The AACO is composed of Honorary President, President, Vice President, General Secretary  and Treasurer. The AACO has also set up a Scientific Committee and an Asia Office to jointly undertake the work of the society, and to ensure the development of the activities of the society.
The new leadership of AACO has announced by General Secretary Prof Mamoun on 9th December, 2018.

Leadership of AACO (2018-)

Honorary President Prof Pran Nagpal (India)

Founder and Medical Director, Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad, India. Prof. Emeritus, M & J Institute of Ophthalmology, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, India. Life Member of All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS).

President Prof Lezheng,Wu  (China)

Prof Wu is the President of the Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology (AACO). Honorary Editor of theInternational Journal of Ophthalmic. And he is a professor and  doctoral supervisor of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-Sen University, China. He was a Research Scientist and Visiting Scholar at Stanford University Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute and the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes for Health, USA(1979-1982). And Guest Professor of ophthalmology hospital of Maximilian University, Munich, Germany(1986,1991) , Member of the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision, and Secretary of Asia-Australia(1990-2000), and he as the President of 28th ISCEV. He also was the Deputy Editor-in-Chief ofChinese Journal of Ophthalmology and Editor-in-Chief ofEye Science.Prof Wumainly engaged in research of visual physiology and macular diseases, and has published 280 academic papers.Since 2007,Prof Wu has been the Vice President of the Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology (AACO). In December 2018, Prof Wu was elected as the President of the AACO.

Vice President Prof Tharwat H.Mokbel (Egypt)


Dr Tharwat H. Mokbel is Professor of Ophthalmology and Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University. He serves as the Vice President of Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology (AACO), Member of the Egyptian Ophthalmological Society (EOS) Board, Member of the Egyptian Society for the Glaucoma (ESG) Board and Member of the Egyptian Ophthalmology Promotion Board.

General Secretary Prof Tarek Mamoun (Egypt)


Dr Tarek Mamoun is the Professor of Ophthalmology, Ain Shams University since 2008 and scientific program organizer of the Ophthalmology Department, Ain Shams University. His subspecialties are Medical & Surgical Retina. He received doctor degree in Ophthalmology, Ain Shams University, Egypt in 1997. He serves as General Secretary of the AACO since 2010 till now. And he has organized and delivered lectures, courses and workshops on investigative ophthalmology both domestically and internationally. He has published over 25 scientific papers (both nationally and internationally) and is the author of the “Ophthalmology up to date” for undergraduates. In addition, he issued CD surgical atlas of Ophthalmology and established the website “” which is considered as the most patient educative website in Arabic and English languages.

Treasurer Prof Magdy Morshed(Egypt)

Dr Magdy Morshed is the treasurer of AACO. He is a Professor and the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology in Egypt October 6 University Hospital(2006-2015). Member of the Board of Directors of the Ramia Association of 2003(Egypt). President of the Egyptian Association of Opthalmology 2017-2018. Secretary of the Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology  (2010-2015).

*The announcement letter about the new leadership of AACO by General Secretary Prof Mamoun on 9th December, 2018.


Scientific Committee Chief Prof D.Ramamurthy (India)


He is the Chairman Scientific Committee of All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) 2008 – 2014. And the Vice President of Tamilnadu Ophthalmic Association (India), the President of Coimbatore Ophthalmic Association (India). He worked as Vitreoretinal Consultant under Dr.S.S.Badrinath at Chennai, India for two years.

AACO Asia Office Director Prof Haotian Lin  (China)


Prof. Haotian Lin is currently the Vice President of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-Sen University (integrating medicine, teaching, research and prevention together as well as ranked as the No.1 in ophthalmology consecutively for 10 years),the Primary Investigator, the PhD tutor and the professor of Center for Precision Medicine of Sun Yat-Sen University. He is the winner of China Youth Wusi Medal, picked as the “Youth and Middle-aged Technological Innovation Leaders” and “National Youth and Middle-aged Technological Innovation Leaders”, the member of the standing committee of All-China Youth Federation, the Executive Vice President and Secretary of Guangdong Association of Young scientists, the Chief Scientist of National Key R&D Program of China, working on the transformation and application of medical big data in medical artificial intelligence. He doubles as the Asian office Manager of the Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology. He also serves as the deputy chairman of Intelligent Medical Special Committee of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence. He is a youth member of ophthalmic division of Chinese Medical Association, the vice chairman and the secretary of Guangdong Association of Young scientists. He is expert in phacoemulsification and intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, particularly in the prevention and treatment for congenital cataract. He has constructed the rare disease database of ophthalmology (Science 2015), created the world’s first intelligent cloud platform for cataract diagnosis and treatment (Nat. Biomed. Eng. 2017, cover paper). He also designed the visual evaluation system for infants via deep learning(Nat. Biomed. Eng. 2019, cover paper), and the intelligent myopia prediction system for adolescents (PLoS Medicine 2018). He established the world’s first ophthalmic artificial intelligence robot clinic, the one and only selected Chinese project, which was ranked as “11 milestones in the global medical artificial intelligence field” by IEEE Spectrum (“AI vs. Doctors”). He launched the world’s first artificial intelligence multicenter clinical controlled trial research (Eclinicalmedicine 2019, cover paper), which reported as the “Key Advances” of Ministry of Science and Technology of China. He developed a number of medical equipment and software successfully applied to clinic. He has edited 2 books as the editor-in-chief, co-written 6 monographs and published more than 100 SCI papers as the first or the corresponding author, including Nature, Science, Lancet, BMJ, Nature Biomedical Engineering, PLoS Med, EClinicalMedicine, etc. He owned more than 10 patents from China and the US with exceeding additional 20 patents filed.

AACO-AO Info Exchange Officer Prof  Xiuwen Hu (China)

Prof Xiuwen Hu is the President / Editor-in-Chief of theInternational Journal of Ophthalmology. International Journal of Ophthalmology is launched in English and Chinese under his leadership. Professor Xiuwen Hu is devoted to the global ophthalmic education, prevention and treatment of blindness and international ophthalmic exchanges.

The address of AACO-AO:

Room106-110, Floor 1, Building 1, Chuangyi Avenue, No. 10-20, Taihegang Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China.



  • Address: Room 106-110, Floor 1, Building 1, Chuangyi Avenue,  No.10-20 Taihegang Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China