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Guangzhou Medical Artificial Intelligence Industry-University-Research Service Innovation Alliance is a joint investment established by enterprises, universities, research institutes or other organizations, with enterprises as the main body, enterprise development as the goal, and legally binding contracts as the guarantee. Technical innovation cooperation organizations that are joint development, complementary advantages, benefit sharing, and risk sharing are non-profit organizations. Our mission is to improve the ability of independent innovation, and strive to solve major, critical and common scientific and technological problems in the development of the medical artificial intelligence industry, and to achieve a reasonable allocation of scientific and technological resources.

The Guangzhou Medical Artificial Intelligence Industry-University-Research Service Innovation Alliance aims to unite all relevant companies that are committed to the long-term sustainable development of medical artificial intelligence, universities and research institutions inside and outside the province. Based on "joint investment, joint development, complementary advantages, resource sharing, and benefits, The principle of sharing and sharing risksis guided by the needs of industrial technology innovation, with the goal of overcoming the technical difficulties commonly faced by the medical artificial intelligence industry today, and mastering the commonality, key and cutting-edge core technologies of medical artificial intelligence, and actively promoting the alliances The unit's technological innovation and industrial transformation, achieve group development, produce agglomeration effects, structure a reasonable and comprehensive, strong and powerful regional artificial intelligence medical industry chain, enhance the competitiveness of the industry at home and abroad, and promote the sustainable development of the regional economy. Target services for building innovative cities. Construct a good medical artificial intelligence industry development environment and cultivate the alliance into an international medical artificial intelligence communication and research and development base.

  • Address: Room 106-110, Floor 1, Building 1, Chuangyi Avenue,  No.10-20 Taihegang Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China