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Treatment modalities in Duane’s Retraction Syndrome


Title:Treatment modalities in Duane's Retraction Syndrome

Authors: Karim A Gaballah,Department of Ophthalmology, Helwan University, Cairo 11731, Egypt, Dalal Shawky,Department of Ophthalmology, Alexandria University, Alexandria 21568, Egypt

Correspondence to: Karim Gaballah. 2 Morisson street, Rouchdy, Alexandria 21529, Egypt. moc.liamg@ykwahs.lalad


AIM: To study the different treatment modalities needed in cases of Duane’s Retraction Syndrome (DRS).

Methords:This prospective study undergone in more than four years, in Alexandria, included 238 patients of DRS, including type I, 162 patients (68%), type II 12 patients (5%) and type III 64 patients (27%). Surgery was indicated in 98 (41%) of them, to eliminate abnormal head posture, deviation of the eye in primary position, severe retraction of the globe or cosmetically unacceptable upshoot with attempted adduction.

RESULTS:Type I was the most common and type II was the least. Females were predominant in this study, constituting 125 patients (52.5%), and males 113 patients (47.5%). Left eye was more affected, in 110 patients (46.2%), right eye in 91 patients (38.2%) and bilateral in 37 patients (15.6%). Amblyopia was found in 27 patients (11.3%) and treated in 13 patients under 10 years of age, by patching the normal eye. Ninety-eight patients (41%) were operated, the results were most satisfactory and a nomogram is followed in the surgical plan.

Conclusion: The surgical management is needed in less than half of the cases and should be planned for every case individually according to the clinical findings, planned nomogram and modified intraoperatively according to the anatomical findings during surgery.
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Keywords: Duane's Retraction Syndrome, globe retraction, globe upshoot, medial rectus, lateral rectus, forced duction test




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